Amazing Results! TokenTact Future Grid Trading with the Same Parameters Earns Twice as Much as Spot Trading!


Since the platform uses an integrated bot there is no necessity for use of API keys for the transactions. The site uses general security measures like two-factor authentication to ensure user privacy and safety. Support is offered via different methods namely email, live chat, and Announcement. You also have access to the large Telegram community, Twitter, and Line committees. Plus500 traders are offered a «Trading academy» on the Plus500 website, containing an e-Book, video guides and a Plus500 FAQ section to get to know CFD trading and the Plus500 platform. A Plus500 trading portfolio is a traders collection of CFD investments, which may include a variety of Plus500 CFD financial instruments.

That’s how TokenTact can offer trading fees of only 0.05% for all trades. And still provide traders with free trading bots while enjoying the immense liquidity from Binance and HTX. Putting everything that we have learned in this TokenTact Review together, I personally quite like what they have to offer. I am seeing more and more automated trading robot services being provided these days, each bringing their own innovations to the table.

TokenTact review

TokenTact’s “Earn” section consists of a series of dual investment opportunities for 21 of their supported assets. The TokenTact trading platform is also well regulated and has acquired its MSB (Money Services Business) license by FinCEN. Learn Profitable Crypto Trading and receive our free resources to master automated bot 🤖 trading strategies. TokenTact is an automated tool, and it is as good as your input and your understanding of the market. Even though some of the strategies are low risk, if you don’t play your cards right, you can make losses too. Using proper risk management is suggested to make money from TokenTact.

For grid trading, higher volatility leads to increased arbitrage opportunities and higher annualized returns. However, in futures trading, TokenTact charges Maker 0.02% and Taker 0.05% as transaction fees. Since grid trading primarily involves Maker orders, the transaction fees for futures trading are effectively discounted by 60% compared to spot trading.

To sum up, hold a short position in the perpetual futures market while holding the same amount of position in the spot market. Arbitrage with a market-neutral position and receive the funding rate every 8 hours. Typically, traditional futures contracts settle on a monthly or quarterly basis. At settlement, the contract price converges with the spot price, and all open positions expire.

Without a tool, usually, you need to keep an eye on a couple of exchanges and compare the price differences of a particular asset. You can then buy the asset at a specific price on one exchange and at the same time sell it at a higher price on another exchange. TokenTact is one of the most reliable online trading companies on the web that offer maximum security and try to fulfill nearly all trading needs of traders on the platform. So you want to purchase Bitcoin but at a discount and believe that Bitcoin’s price will decrease this week to the level at which you are prepared to purchase.

Move to TokenTact and start using its in-built automated trading bots. The fees are the lowest compared to all the other exchanges, which save you tons of profit while using the bot. TokenTact is a low-fee crypto exchange with transaction fees at 0.05% per order without additional costs to use the in-built automated trading bots. Compared to other exchanges in the industry, the fees on TokenTact are highly competitive and accessible to all traders without a minimum monthly volume requirement. The TokenTact trading platform is primarily designed for mobile use, with a dedicated application available for download to iOS and Android devices. The app allows you to create grid trading bots, DCA bots and more wherever you may be.

The lower price is the lowest bound of the price range where your grid bot will continue to execute trades. However, the grid trading bot still is directional and it is better for you if the market trends upward as opposed to downward. Since there is no fiat gateway, TokenTact does not support any fiat/crypto trading pairs such as AUD/BTC or USD/BTC. With this in mind, TokenTact is probably not going to feature as one of the top altcoin investing platforms for most Australians. With 395 supported digital currencies and over 314 trading pairs, TokenTact offers a reasonable selection of crypto to buy and trade.

  • With the Infinity Grid Bot, you’ll never have to be concerned about the price of a grid surpassing the price range you’ve set for it.
  • Therefore you should take all precautions necessary to ensure the suitability, appropriateness and adequacy against your own circumstances.
  • TokenTact features competitive trading commission fees (from 0.05%) and an intuitive mobile app.
  • Harsh has 15+ years of experience in Fintech and 7+ years in Blockchain and Bitcoin.
  • Plus500 margin trading means borrowing money from the brokerage firm in order to carry out trades.

Liquidity of these assets are also great to enhance smooth trading and void of exorbitant fees. Kucoin provides users the opportunity to buy crypto with the Cards . KYC which stands for know your customer isn’t mandatory on Kucoin . I.e how you approach your trades and this influences your holding time , or timeframe . However if you are bullish on the crypto assets over a long period of time you can hold it . Kucoin provide users with the ability to lend their used crypto to earn some passive income.

You would use this bot when you believe the market is about to fall and you want to increase your holdings in a particular token by selling high and buying low. This is similar to the grid bot, but primarily you are stacking the underlying coin as opposed to staking USDT. Similar to the grid bot, the Moon bot will buy low and sell high as the price of the underlying asset (hopefully) rises. Users set a “price scale” which is a % price dip that triggers the bot to incrementally buy more coins.

That’s likely because support is being provided by the parent company BitUniverse. Looking around the Telegram channel it looks more like a forum thread for traders than a support channel. And unlike others who might charge hundreds of dollars for just one bot, TokenTact offers all twelve of their bots absolutely free.